At Pars Builders, we have professionals who have over 30 years of experience in building extensions, both in Britain and abroad.

Extensions have a wide range of benefits, ranging from the extra living space created, to a significant increase in your property value. Our friendly team can help you in designing, or even implementing your own designs into building extensions that are finished to the highest standard.

Thinking of moving to a bigger home, perhaps because of new members in your family, or need your own like studio or workshop? Have you considered the possibility of converting your loft to a habitable space?

Loft conversions need not involve large investment or re-mortgaging your property. At Pars Builders we give excellent value for your money by completing your project within the given timescale, and to professional standards.

Why move from your familiar locality when you can increase your living area and stay in the house youíve always loved.

The very way your driveway and fence is laid can determine the look and feel of your house exterior. First impressions count, a professionally built driveway and clean fencing can significantly improve not only the look of your property, but its sale value.

We at Pars Builders are well versed in designing and constructing exquisite gardens, driveways and fences even within a limited space.

Many people are not aware how the right application of painting and decoration can make a positive impact on your mood and comfort level within your own room. Buying the right kind of furniture and accessories can significantly enhance the look and feel of your property interior, be it for work, living, or relaxing.

Our experts have several years of experience in improving interiors, and would be glad to help bring out the best from your property.

Modern living involves spacious kitchens, and bathrooms that are no longer closets, but large well ventilated areas. If you live in a property with cramped kitchen and bathroom areas, there is a lot you could do short of moving home. Extra space can be created through planning and careful design. This is where we come in.

We at Pars Builders can help you realise the full potential of your property by offering creative solutions to managing your living space more effectively. These need not involve heavy investment or a re-mortgage. On most occasions, the money spent on making a brand new kitchen or bathroom would be far less than the cost of moving home. If you already have a large kitchen/bathroom that require redoing, again, Pars Builders are here to help, whether it is for minor improvements, or brand new kitchens and bathrooms, our dedicated team have the expertise needed to build modern facilities reliably, and cost effectively.

While many builders find excuses over substandard work done by earlier builders, we at Pars Builders focus on what is required to get things done right. We donít complain Ė we deliver..!

Contact us today to discuss any of your current or future construction/building projects on 020 8262 5084. You will be glad that you did.